In pursuance of the decision taken in the meeting of the President of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the presence of MD, LIEDA with the Nazim, Hub Tehsil and the Tehsil Municipal Officer, held on 3rd February, 2005, a Committee comprising the above participants was suggested to be formed for re-construction and welfare of Hub Tehsil initially and later on of the whole Lasbela District under the name and title of ‘Lasbela Development Committee’. Its constitution was approved by the Executive Committee of the Chamber in its meeting held on 4th March 2005.


The main objectives of the Committee were to make survey of the infrastructure facilities and civic amenities in the Hub Tehsil and identify the project for repair, reconstruction and development of these facilities and amenities on the identification of the respective municipal administrations. It will also identify the welfare projects in the fields of social, education etc. for the benefit of the people of Tehsil Hub and create funds for execution and maintenance and to meet recurring expenses on these projects.


The funds for the Committee will be created through the donations from the members of the Chamber, from City Government’s Funds and from LIEDA funds allocated for this purpose.


So far from the Committee has provided financial help to the injured police personnel of Hub Police Station, provided beds for the Police personnel on duty at Police Stations, HITE, Hub and Winder, Water Coolers to Hub Police Station and Central Jail Gaddani. This has improved the working conditions of the Police personnel and thereby leaving good effect on their performance. Prior to this assistance, the President himself visited Police Stations at Hub, HITE, Winder, Gaddani and Sakran to make assessment of their requirements and to boost their moral. Furniture was provided to 15 EmergencyCenter and Special Branch.


It is for the first in the history of trade bodies in Pakistan that the Chamber’s President himself took keen interest in the Police Welfare and took initiative to solve their practical problems. The President of the Chamber and the Managing Director of LIEDA have been visiting various welfare project developed by the LDC,  in person to review the progress and the benefits being enjoyed by the local people.


Similarly the Committee also provided 800 meters of Electric Cable for electrification of Babu Shaikh Goth at Hub. For this purpose M/s. Pioneer Cable Limited, Hub cooperated with the Committee and donated 400 meters of the Cable Free of Cost. The Committee from its own resources provided the remaining quantity. Due to these efforts, the electrification of the above Goth pending for many years was completed.


On the request of GovernmentMiddle School, Jam Yousuf Colony, Hub two classrooms have been constructed in the school for the benefit of students and handed over to the school administration.  Both Rooms in both Boys’ and Girls’ Schools at Hub and middle schools were constructed.


Similarly on the request of GovernmentGirlsMiddle School, Hub, two class rooms have been constructed in the school and handed over to school administration.


It also arranged for boring at Sakran to find fresh water and installed an electric motor and pump for getting water from the boring, which has benefited the people of the whole area.


Similarly boring at two places in the GovernmentBoysHigh School and GovernmentPrimary School at Bund Murad was arranged for the benefit of the people of the area.


Electric fans, electric cable and darees were provided to various mosques and maderesahs at Hub.


Financial aid was also provided to the patients of Hepatitis for their proper treatment.


A 5000 gallon water tank was also constructed at Goth Haji Saleh Mohammad, Winder and connected the same with PHED water supply. With the construction of this tank, water was made available to the people near their residence.


Construction of two class rooms at GovernmentBoysMiddle School, Haji Chakkar, Winder were completed and handed over to the School on the request of EDO, Education, Lasbela.


Supply of Generator, water pump and electric wire for getting water from the boring at Sassi Panno Mazar for the benefit of the people of that locality and Zaireens visiting the Mazar.


Boring and installation of sub-miscible Pump was completed to ensure proper supply of drinking water to the people of Ishaq Goth, Winder.


Construction of two bathrooms at GovernmentBoysPrimary School having 800 students on roll, was completed with over head water tank, water cooler and filter to facilitate the supply of clear drinking water to children.


Replacement of sub-mercible pump, water pipe and electricity supply cable for smooth supply of water from boring to the people of Goth Bachaya Angaria, Winder.


Construction of three water tanks in various Goths of Winder, one tank in Gaddani and one in Jam Yousuf Colony at Hub to facilitate the storage of water for their people of these localities.


Construction of two class rooms at GovernmentMiddleGirlsSchool, Akram Colony, Hub where more than 500 students are on roll.


Provided Laboratory equipment and furniture to GovernmentBoysHigh School, Dam, Winder on the request of EDO, Education, Lasbela.


Installation of UPVC pipe line and sanitary fittings and electrical accessories at BAFSchool, Bhawany at Hub.


Food Bags and other facilities were also provided by the LDC to the Flood Victims on the recommendation of Deputy Commissioner of Lasbela District.


Boring and installation of Donki Pump at Goth Haji Bacho, Sakran.


Construct ion of water storage tank and laying of pipe line at Goth Murad Shahidi, Winder.


Laying of roof on the additional constructed room for madarsa at Jama Masjid Mohammadi, HITE, Hub.


Donation of ten sewing machines and a computer to Women Ittehad Welfare Society, Hub for their industrial home, in which many women are working.


Donation of a computer set with printer to GovernmentBoysHigh School, Winder


Financial Assistance for purchasing of Batteries for Solar Energy System at Bakhra, Winder, District Lasbela.


Provision of Books for Library at Bela.


Laying of Roof on room at Jamia Masjid Mohammadi, HITE, Hub.


Water supply scheme at Baloch Goth, Winder.


Installation of water cooler with filter and provision of furniture to Jamia Islamia, Mangalabad. Hub.


Provision of a Generator for emergency ward of JamGhulamQadirHospital, Hub.


Installation of two water coolers with filter at GovernmentBoysHigh School, Hub.


Installation of a water cooler with filter at Jamia Usmania, Gulshan-e-Naveed, Hub.


Boring and installation of Tube well at Dargah Miran Pir, Winder.


Financial Assistance for organizing the District Football League to District Football Association, Lasbela.


Laying of Roof on the additional constructed Hall at Jamia Islamia Qasim-ul-Uloom, Bhawany, District Lasbela.


Donation of Two Computer Set and One Water Cooler with Filter to GovernmentBoysHigh School, Sonmiani, Winder.


Donation of One Computer Set with Printer for the Office of the Assistant Commissioner, Hub


Donation of 12 Ceiling Fans to Jamia Islamia, Mengalabad, Hub.


Financial Assistance for organizing the Football Referee Course to District Football Association, Lasbela.


Donation of School Furniture to GovernmentPrimary School, Abdullah Dagarzai, Gaddani.


Financial Assistance for organizing the Debate Competition at Hub to The Hub Information Technology & English Language Center, Hub.


Donation of One UPS with Battery and One Printer to I.T Training Institute at GovernmentBoysHigh School, Gaddani.


Donation of One Generator (5-KVA) for the Office of the Assistant Commissioner, Hub.


Donation of Sound System to Jama Masjid Abu Bakar Siddiq, New Labour Colony, Pathra-II, Hub.


Donation of One Generator to Daroon Institute of Education, Hub.


Donation of One Generator to The HubEnglishLanguage & InformationTechnologyCenter, Hub.


Donation of One Tricycle to Ali Hasan, Disable Person, resident of Hub.


Contribution for repairing of Water Supply Scheme at Goth Arif, Sonmiani, District Lasbela.