Lasbela District in the province of Balochistan, serves as principal Gateway to the upcoming Free Port of Gwadar and Balochistan itself. Its importance is also due to its proximity of Karachi, the hub of economic activities of the country. With the construction of the Northern Bypass and Coastal Highway, it has emerged as the industrially and commercially active region of Balochistan having great potential for industrial and commercial investment. So far there are about 150 industrial units having an estimated investment of about Rs. 150.00 billion, are in operation in this region producing Electric Power, Cement, Textile Yarn and Fabrics, Glucose, Sugar Confectionary, Food Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Ceramics, Engineering Goods, Marble and Granite Products, etc.

There are five Industrial Estates including a Marble City and a large Ship Breaking Yard. The Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority (LIEDA) having its head office at Hub, Lasbela, manages the industrial estates in this region.

In view of the above, the Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry enjoys a singular distinction of being the most active, popular and important Chamber of the province of Balochistan representing the business community of the district. It was formed in 1995 after being licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, and being registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan with the merger of Hub Association of Trade and Industry.

The Chamber is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


Lasbela Chamber’s Vision:

To see the Lasbela District most prosperous and economically sound enabling the region to cater to the requirements of upcoming Gwadar and Sonmiani ports in Balochistan.

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  • To try to create conducive environment to attract industrial investment in Lasbela District in view of almost saturation in Karachi and its surroundings, by way of pursuing LIEDA, NHA, PASDEC, Pakistan Railway and District Governments to develop necessary infra-structure in the region
  • To tap the mineral resources of Balochistan and to take maximum advantage of these resources by creating awareness regarding the modern mining and processing technology and by employing modern marketing techniques
  • To suggest to and pursue the Government to establish Sea Food City at Dham, Lasbela creating opportunities for investment in this sector to tape the sea food resources of the coastal line of Balochistan
  • To suggest the building of small dams and reservoirs to store flood water to raise the level of underground water resources in order to facilitate the agricultural growth in the region, which is already producing fruit vegetable, wheat, cotton etc. This will also facilitate the growth in the poultry and livestock sector
  • To facilitate the members in solving their day to day problems regarding the interpretation of laws and procedures, provision of infra-structure facilities, by playing a role of bridge between Government and the private sector
  • To endeavor to bring the more and more business enterprises into the membership folds of the Chamber on the basis of Chamber’s performance.In order to accomplish the above objectives the Chamber has been actively engaged and will perform the following activities:-

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The Chamber has three classes of membership, namely Corporate Members, Associate Members and Town Associations. Almost all the Industrial and Commercial establishments operating in Lasbela District are members of this Chamber. Its membership strength is gradually increasing with the growth of economic activities in the region.

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Under the provisions of the newly framed Trade Organizations Rules – 2007, the Chamber’s policies and programs are determined by a 12-member Executive Committee, which is constituted every year. Out of total members of Executive Committee, one half retires every year and in their place new members are inducted through elections. The Managing Committee every year elects the President and Vice President of the Chamber. President controls the working of the Chamber with the assistance of Vice President.


The Chamber’s workings are carried out through the consultations with the Sub-Committee formed every year by the Executive Committee, to deal with various subjects and issues like trade and industry problems, customs and sales tax problems, labour problems, etc.

Liaison with the District and City Administration:

The Chamber believes that without a developed and sophisticated social and physical infrastructure, the country cannot achieve a break-through in the socio-economic development. It is in keeping with this perspective that the Chamber has close liaison with LIEDA and the District and City Governments of Lasbela District, with a purpose to create a feasible and workable environment in the region by developing the infrastructure to not only invite the investors to avail the vast opportunities of Industrial and Commercial investment in Lasbela District, but also to improve the living standards of the people of this region. The Chamber has constituted Lasbela Development Committee to undertake the development of welfare projects to improve the living standards of the people.

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Representation on Advisory Bodies:

Being the only representative trade body of Lasbela District, it has been given due representation on various important Governing and Advisory Bodies of the Government where Chamber nominates its members having long experience and deep insight in the specific fields. Some of the important bodies on which the Chamber has been given representation are as under:

-Advisory Committee of Ministry of Commerce
-Advisory Committee of Ministry of Finance
-Board of Directors of  Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority
-Works Committee of Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority
-Dispute Resolution Committee of Central Board of Revenue
-Advisory Committees of Employees Old Age Benefit (EOBI), Baclochistan Employees Social Security Institutions (BESSI), Workers Welfare Board Balochistan (WWB), Worker Welfare Fund (WWF) etc.

With the Chamber’s association with various Advisory/Governing bodies, it keeps it posted with feedback on various Government Policies and Measures, the Chamber also utilizes these forums to influence the policies and perception of the Government through personal discussion as well as through submission of representations on various issues.

The Local and Provincial Authorities concerned are also timely approached through personal meetings and discussions. It is against such exercise and experience that problems both of individual or collective nature, pertaining to the industrial and commercial establishments are dealt with and pursued till such problems are resolved.

In fact, the Chamber acts as a catalyst and works as a bridge between the Government and the Private Sector entrepreneurs.

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Services rendered by the Chamber:

The chamber’s basic function is to protect and promote the interest of trade, commerce and industry in Lasbela District. It strives hard to espouse the cause of private sector enterprises and to redouble its contribution in the socio-economic development in the country. It also works on the capacity building of the members and their staff by way of organizing the seminars and workshops on the issues pertaining to taxation, environment, labour laws, management and marketing, processing etc.

The Chamber is authorized:

  • To issue Certificate of Origin for export cargoes and attestation of commercial documents.
  • To issue recommendation letters for Visa and the foreign missions in very kind to accept the recommendations.
  • To organize the Pakistan Pavilion in the International Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • To invite Ministers and high-profile Government Functionaries to the Chamber to identify the problems being faced by the trade and industry, and to help resolve them.
  • To publish Trade Directories, Reference Data and other publications for the benefit of the business community.
  • To organize Seminars, Conferences, Local / International Exhibitions, Display Centres, etc. for the promotion of trade and industry.

General Body:

The General Body of the Chamber meets once every year compulsorily and adopts the Annual Report of the outgoing Executive Committee, as well as the Audited Accounts and also confirms the election of the new members of the Executive Committee and the Office Bearers. The Extra-Ordinary General Meetings can be convened as and when required by the Chamber.