(A role Model Autonomous Institution of Government of Balochistan)




            An autonomous body with the title of Lasbela Industrial Estates Development Authority (LIEDA) was established by the Government of Balochistan in the year 1984 to manage the establishment of industries in District Lasbela, Balochistan in a systematic manner to eradicate poverty of people and backwardness of the area.


LIEDA in its short age of 28 years has developed following industrial estates/zones in District Lasbela:-


  • Hub Industrial & Trading Estate
  • MarbleCity, Gaddani,
  • Winder Industrial & Trading Estate,
  • Special Industrial Zone, Winder,
  • Uthal Industrial Estate (Phase-I),
  • Uthal Industrial Estate (Phase-II) at Zero Point

Coastal Highway,


LIEDA is successfully shouldering its responsibilities as facilitator and playing a vital role in development of economy of the province and the country as well. LIEDA has developed and is maintaining infrastructure like roads, water supply network and sewerage network upto the satisfaction of industries.


As per available statistics, LIEDA is managing over 95% of all the industries established in Balochistan and has become the gate way to prosperity and socio-economic change in the province.  Between 70 to 80% of the entire revenue by Balochistan comes from the industries of LIEDA.


Salient Features of Industrial Estates of LIEDA:-


  • Located in proximity to the Port City of Karachi,
  • GwadarDeepSeaPort linked with District Lasbela via Coastal Highway,
  • Northern By-Pass Road is located at short distance for up country transit,
  • Very economical cost of land,
  • Fully developed and well maintained infrastructure,
  • High standard of services
  • Utilities like electricity and water are being provided through One Window,
  • Industrial Friendly Law & Order situation.
  • No Electric Load shedding,


One Window Facilitation:-


Presently LIEDA is procuring 28MW bulk electric load from KESC, besides 4.5 cusec water from LasbelaCanal has been sanctioned by the Government of Balochistan for industrial purpose. LIEDA is procuring required quantities of water from this quota from Canal Irrigation Division Hub and ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity and water to the consumer industries falls within its jurisdiction through ONE WINDOW Operation.


LIEDA is the only Authority in the country which is successfully Operating ONE WINDOW facility in real sense and upto the satisfaction of its industrial consumers. LIEDA due to its clear track record is one of the high profile consumer of KESC. LIEDA is addressing complaints of industrial units on top priority basis to maintain its high standard of service and to keep the consumers completely satisfied.


Although there is energy crisis in the country, however there is negligible load shedding within the industrial estates under jurisdiction in LIEDA in District Lasbela and due to this positive factor industrialization is boosting up in this region of the province of  Balochistan.


Close Liaison of LIEDA with Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry to Resolve Day to Day issues of local industry:


Although business of LIEDA is regulated by its Board of Directors by formulating policies in its quarterly meetings.  The Board of Directors consists of 9 directors out of which 4 are from business community, representing the industrialists.  Managing Director is the Chief Executive officer and appointed by Government of Balochistan.  However for resolving day to day problems of the industries, a Works Committee has been constituted by the Board of Directors LIEDA which consists of Managing Director LIEDA and two members nominated by the Executive Committee of Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Hub (LCCI) and two officers from LIEDA.  The Committee meets held on required regularly and remains on call to resolve any impromptu problem.  The committee has been given authority to address any problem arising between LIEDA and the industry.


LIEDA, has set high standards of maintenance of its infrastructure and the business community is witness to its tall claim.  It is on record that none of its industry has ever become non operative for one single due to non supply of utilities by LIEDA due to failure of its supply system.

Marble City, Gadani (A Pride of LIEDA):


BALOCHISTAN is extremely rich in mineral (both precious and dimensional stones) resources which are still untapped.  Out of 28 districts, mining is being done in 13 districts.  As per Geological Survey of Pakistan, Balochistan has estimated reserves of 2.5 billion tons of dimensional stones which at a moderate price per ton are worth Rs.3550 billions or US$ 60 Billion which is more than the total debt of Pakistan.  If given due importance and developed properly this mining sector can produce miracles for the economy of the country.


The primitive method of mining through blasting results in 70% wastage at mining end.  The situation is calamitous economically and criminal environmentally.  Even with this pathetic situation, what ever stones are exported from Pakistan, 90% of same comes from Balochistan.


MarbleCity has been established in the year 2004 with the idea to promote Stones of Balochistan and being a natural requirement, this place has become a project of international stature.    In a short span of 8 years 52 units have commenced production whereas many others are in process of construction & installation of machinery etc.  which is an extraordinary achievement and mega success by any standard.





An other unique feature of the project is that it has provided opportunities to the natives of Balochistan to become factory owners which in itself is remarkable phenomena.  Marble City Gaddani has not only provided most enabling working environments to the processors but it has also opened opportunities for the mine owners to establish their warehouses from where buyers of stones in large quantity will be able to get stones in required quantity, colour, types and sizes as well.


Marble & Granite Sector to Earn Foreign Exchange:


Nature has gifted Balochistan with millions of tons of Marble & Granite reserves which are famous all over the world.  The present Government has given due attention to develop this sector.  Hopefully in near future this sector will become a major resource for earning of foreign exchange and will help to uplift economic condition of the country.




  • Switching on Self Generation:


LIEDA is presently taking 28MW Bulk load from KESC and supplying the same to its consumers through its own laid down external electric system. Keeping in view the energy crisis in the country, LIEDA has planned to switch on to self Generation by establishing 50MW Gas-based Power Generation Plant in Public Private Partnership for smooth supply of electricity to its existing industrial consumers, to ensure provision of electric load to the upcoming industries and to consider provision of electricity to its consumers on more economical rates to attract investment in this region of the province.


LIEDA has purchased land adjoining to sector “E”, Hub Industrial Trading Estate for establishment of its  proposed Power Generation project, moved a summery to the provincial government for approval to adopt fuel either natural gas or coal for proposed power generation plant. The fresh Expression of Interested will be invited as soon as requisite approval by provincial government is accorded.


  • HITE Phase-II (Extension):-


Planning & Designing for establishment of Hub Industrial Trading Estate Phase-II(Extension) comprising of 488 acres of state land has been completed. As per approval accorded by the Board of Directors of LIEDA, 50% of the area has been earmarked for allotment for establishment of Ware Houses whereas the remaining 50% area will be allotted to manufacturing industry.


The work on Water Supply Scheme HITE Phase-II(Extension) 100% financed by Federal Government through PSDP is in progress.

  • MARBLE CITY Phase-II:-


Planning & designing of MarbleCity (Phase-II) on adjoining 200 acres of land has been completed. Applications for Allotment in MarbleCity (Phase-II) from the prospective investors are being entertained on first come first serve basis.






LIEDA in view of its designated mandate has planned to develop sustainable industrialization in District Lasbela, Balochistan based on locally available raw material.


Ship-breaking industry at Gaddani has been re-activated in full swing. Thousand tons of ship plate is being extracted from ship-breaking, besides many allied items are also been extracted. As per local news report, above 100 ships have so far been brought to Gaddani Ship breaking yard for dismantling during the current year.

Keeping in view its aim, LIEDA with prior approval of its Board of Directors has planned to establish SHIP STEEL & ALLIED INDUSTRIAL PARK at Gaddani for development of Steel Re-Rolling & Allied industries based on the Ship plate and allied items extracted from Ship breaking at Gaddani. An area of 200 acres has been earmarked in Marble City Phase-II for this scheme and applications are being entertained for allotment of land on first come first serve basis. Besides, the provincial government has been requested for allotment of state land measuring 375 acres adjoining to MarbleCity, Gaddani which will be used for expansion of the scheme.




Balochistan fishing grounds are termed as highly rich in marine life. The sea coast of Balochistan is spread over 1100 KM starting from Tehsil Hub and ending at Jewani at the Boarder area of IRO Iran.


Huge quantity of fish is caught at Gaddani and Dam. Due to ban on establishment of pollution in nature units like Fish Meal and Poultry within the approved industrial estate,  25 Fish Meal processing unit have been established outside Winder Industrial Trading Estate at Winder in haphazard manner and are creating environmental problem in the area.


LIEDA has planned to establish FISH MEAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE at Dam/ Winder to re-locate above fish meal unit and to provide space for upcoming Fish Meal processing units in a cluster industrial estate not only to save the public from pollution but to address the requirement and problems of these units. Pre-feasibility of this project has been prepared and the Government of Balochistan has been requested for allotment of identified state land at Dam for establishment of this scheme.




The business for Export of Live stock to UAE and some European countries is flourishing fastly. Besides, international requirement of Hilal meat and other Hilal products has been increased tremendously.


Keeping in view the flourishing market of live stock and milk in local as well as in international market, this Authority has planned establishment of Livestock city/ Dairy Farming at its Uthal Industrial Estate (Phase-I) spread over 2585 acres where all required & related facilities will be made available to facilitate the investors




As per studies the layer farm business is a profitable business as the produce of the farm provides high quality animal protein which is daily requirement of the human body. Studies shows that about 35% of the total egg production comes from farm eggs and the rest from rural poultry (desi) eggs, however the operational capacity of hatcheries and feed mills is reported to be far below its total installed capacity.


Keeping in view no manufacturing industrial activity at Uthal Industrial Estate (Phase-II) Zeropoint due to locational disadvantage, the LIEDA Management has floated an idea to introduce the concept of Poultry Farming Industrial Park at Uthal Industrial Estate (Phase-II) which was appreciated by its Board of Directors and approval for preparation of pre-feasibility of the proposal has been accorded by the Board.


Government of Balochistan is keenly interested to Develop Industrialization in the province:


Balochistan is the future of Pakistan and its development will change the face of economy of the country.  The Government of Balochistan under the auspicious leadership of Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, the Honourable Chief Minister of Balochistan is deeply concerned to bring industrial revolution in the province to alleviate poverty  and  backwardness from the province.


It is further our pleasure that the Ministry “Industries & Commerce” of the province has been assigned to Sardar Sanaullah Zehri, who is an energetic and initiative member of the cabinet and is devotedly working  to promote industrialization in the province.


We are confident that under the Guidance, support and blessings of the above mentioned personalities, we may create industrial friendly law & order situation in the province and LIEDA would be able to achieve its highest goal to place Balochistan on the Map of Industrial World.